Mittwoch, 20. August 2014

Tea of the summer - "Green tea strawberry cupcake"

(c) Karin Hillig
Now it is time for a tea recommendation. It is difficult to present you a tea per month, so I will do it only seasonal. This recommendation falls in the english month. What goes well, because I have not seen this tea in german shelves. I bought the tea during my holiday in the Netherlands.

I love green tea, I am a big cupcake fan and defining strawberries than absolute favorite fruit. So the Lipton "green tea strawberry cupcake" combines all of my taste preferences. It is available in pyramid bags with 20 pieces in the pack. The ingredients are restricted to green tea, flavor and strawberry pieces. The last just make up 2,4 percent. According pack and manufactures should have this tea does not bitter taste. I can not confirm exactly. The brewing time is two minutes short. If these time slightly only exceed, it can be a slight bittert taste. That does not bother me persinally, because green tea has a bitter nuance. It is not a fruit tea. The strawberries taste good because the flavor works. After a few cups you can taste a slight hint of buttery cupcake. 

There is only about amazon to get a tea pack in Germany at the time. This is really intense in the procurement. In the Netherlands I have payed for one pack 2,29 €. 

In summary, this green tea is something for those who do not say no to flavored tea in beetween. For all who love strawberries,  it is the right thing.

Should you have bought this tea in Germany, I would be glad about information where you have it.

In this sense, enjoy it!

Sorry, that my posts are not longer, I write this word even with my smartphone. Hope this problem comes to an end...

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